Are your services really offered at no-cost?

By representing you in the short sale process for your home, the lender will pay the listing commissions we earn working to sell your property. This includes commission earned by the buyer’s agent. All closing costs, unpaid taxes, commissions, and secondary lien payoffs are negotiated to be paid out of the closing proceeds. This means there is no-cost to the homeowners for our short sale services. We will at no time ask you for money to perform a short sale. Occasionally a client may have to pay a notary or shipping fee when dealing with certain documents, but these costs are normally under $20 dollars.

In a normal real estate transaction, it is common for the seller to pay for some home repairs after inspections are completed. In a short sale transaction however, a home is offered as-is and no repairs are to be paid by the seller. We will even try to get you relocation money through various Government and bank programs.