Why am I having problems with my current short sale?

Many people who are using inexperienced companies and agents to short sale their home are finding their own short sale experience unsatisfactory. We receive many calls from people who feel that their current agent is not representing their best interests. There a few reasons why your current agent may not be the best person to short sale your home:


A short sale transaction is much more complicated than a traditional home sale. Not only do real estate agents need to know current short sale laws and bank procedures, they need to have negotiation experience with the major US Banks. California Short Sale Solutions not only has full time and experienced short sale agents, but also full time and experienced short sale negotiators. An inexperienced agent or company will cause delays, which will lead to a higher probability that the current buyer will back out or the bank will deny the short sale. It takes the bank between one week to three weeks to review paperwork, so you must be certain that the correct forms were filled out with the correct information.

The Agent is Working for Their Own Benefit

Many agents are trying to take advantage of the desperation some owners feel. A common tactic of unethical agents is to try to sell your home at an extremely discounted price to a friend or investor. Your agent needs to explain to you what the value of your home is based on comparable sales in the area. Homes should only be sold for less than market value in certain scenarios, such as the home needing repairs or the home being in an area with weak demand.

What you can do?

If you feel that your agent is not communicating or working with you properly in your current situation, give us a call at 1‑800‑760‑9156. We can explain your options and what you need to do to get your short sale back on the right track.