Purchasing a Short Sale

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How you can purchase a short sale

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Purchasing a short sale can give you the opportunity to buy a home at a discounted price. Short sales differ from foreclosures in that the lender has not taken ownership of the property, so the original homeowner conducts the sale. The homeowner's lender does not set the price of the home, but it does need to approve of the terms of the sale. Short sale properties are sold free and clear of any liens, which means you will not have any problems with title companies or insurance. You are able to purchase a short sale with the same financing you would get with a traditional sale purchase. California Short Sale Solutions has successfully sold 97% of our short sale listings. Give us a call at 1‑800‑760‑9156 today to see how we can help you purchase a short sale.

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Can anyone buy a short sale?

Any qualified home purchaser can buy a short sale, but there a few rules, regulations and expectations you should know before exploring that option.
  • You may not purchase the short sale of a relative
  • Short sales are sold as-is, meaning you are normally not allowed to ask for repairs.
  • Short sales are normally offered at a discount. Part of this reason is because it normally takes 3 to 6 months to fully complete, so patience is required.
  • Some lenders require a home to be kept by the purchaser for a certain amount of time. This is used to prevent investors from buying a home and instantly putting it back on the market for more money.
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